Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools NAPS Ukraine

South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University

after K. D. Ushinsky


FIFTH International Conference

Adaptive Technologies

in Learning Control

ATL - 2019



23 – 25, OCTOBER, 2019


Invite you to participate in Fifth International Conference “Adaptive Technologies in Learning Control” (ATL — 2019) in Odessa, Ukraine, 23 – 25, October, 2019.

The conference is a wide forum for exchanging knowledge, experience, views, research results and identifying common problems on the adaptive technologies in learning control. Scientists, teachers, specialists in organizing distance E-learning, students and PhD-students are invited.



  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools NAPS Ukraine
  • South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University after K. D. Ushinsky
  • International Research and Training Center of Information Technologies and Systems NAS and MES of Ukraine
  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • Institute of Computer Systems Odessa National Polytechnic University
  • Odessa National University after I.I. Mechnikov
  • Sumy State University
  • Technical University of Varna (Bulgaria)
  • Scientific methodical Centre “Scientia Educologica”(Lithuania)
  • University of Maribor (Slovenia)
  • University for Information Systems Management (Latvia).



  1. Psycho-pedagogical problems of adaptive learning
  2. Information and intellectual technologies in learning control
  3. Method of adaptive learning informatics in schools and universities
  4. Educational Measurements in an adaptive control
  5. Adaptive Technologies of the Social Informatics
  6. Content Management Systems




Bykov V.Y.

Prof. (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Zhaldak M.I.

Prof. (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Chebykin А.Y.

Prof. (Ukraine, Odessa)


Mazurok T.L.

Prof. (Ukraine, Odessa)

Koycheva Т.I.

Prof. (Ukraine, Odessa)

Kurlyand Z.N.

Prof. (Ukraine, Odessa)

Committee members


Abersek B.

Prof. (Maribor, Slovenia)

Antoschuk S.G.

Prof. (Odessa, Ukraine)

Blokh  М.D.

Prof.(Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Goguskiy V.D.

Prof. (Odessa, Ukraine)

Gritsenko V.I.

Prof. (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Dovbyish A.S.

Prof. (Sumy, Ukraine)

Kiv A.Y.

Prof. (Odessa, Ukraine)

Lamanauskas V.

Prof. (Siauliai Lithuania)

Mazurok T.L.

Prof. (Odessa, Ukraine)

Maklakov G.Y.

Prof. (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Manako A.F.

Prof. (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Mansharipova A.T.

Prof. (Alma-Aty, Kazakhstan)

Semerikov S.A.

Prof. (Kryvyj Rig, Ukraine)

Snityuk V.E.

Prof. (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Plotnikov V.M.

Prof. (Odessa, Ukraine)

Trius Y.V.

Prof. (Cherkassy, Ukraine)




Mazurok T. L., head of department of applied mathematics and informatics, prof.


BreskIna L.V., docent, Yanovs`ky`j A.O , docent


Boyko O. P.

Committee members

Chernih V.V., Czarenko M.O., docent , Kobyakova L.M., Korablov V.A., Rubanskaya O.Y, Shuvalova O.I., Tarasov A.F., docent


Important dates:

16.09.19 –

Handing in an application, presentation of papers for publication

23.09.19 –

Second informational letter (invitation to the conference)

01.10.19 –

Registration fee payments

22.10.19 –

The beginning of the registration

23.10.19 –

The conference opening


Registration fee

The registration fee is:


The form of participation

Full-time (full payment)

by correspondence (with the printed version of theses)

by correspondence (with the

E-version of theses)

Citizens of Ukraine

300 UAH

200 UAH

100 UAH

PhD-students from Ukraine

150 UAH

The Foreigners

500 UAH

The Foreign PhD-Students

250 UAH


Full registration fee includes a complete set of materials, organizational expenses. Accommodation and entertainment are paid separately after arrival to the conference. The organizing fee is determined by the senior rank among the authors.

Details for payment of foreign participants will be listed in the second information letter.

Conference materials

The texts of the papers included in the program will be published in the conference proceedings before the beginning of the conference. After reviewing the texts of paper may be published in such Ukrainian scientific journals:

«Scientific Bulletin SNPU after K. D. Ushinsky (pedagogical sciences),

«Science and education» (psychology and pedagogy),

«Herald of Advanced Information Technology» (technical sciences),

«Applied Aspects of Information Technology» (technical sciences)

or in some foreign scientific journals (under the terms of edition):

«Education Policy, Management and Quality»,

«Problems of Education in the 21st Century»,

«Problems of Psychology in the 21st Century»


Working languages of conference

Ukrainian, English

Decision on admitting the reports will be announced in the second information letter via email by September 23 2019.

By 01.10.2019 please send scanned copy of the receipt of payment for participation in the conference.

More detailed information can be found on

Registration Deadline: September, 16, 2019



26, Staroportofrankivska Street, Odessa, Ukraine 65020

Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Secretary Boyko Olga

Phone: +38(048) 726-19-42, +38(048) 726-21-05.

Mobile phone:  097-08-911-34, 066-336-57-79


Instruction to authors


  • The papers are presented in Ukrainian or English.
  • Authors must comply with legal requirements on publication of materials in the open press.
  • No more than two articles from one author.
  • The text should be prepared by Microsoft Word: the page is А4; the book orientation; the single interval; the font Times New Roman, size 12; margins are: left 15 mm, right 25mm, top and bottom 20mm. An indention is 9 mm. No more than 2 pages.
  • The order of the materials’ placement:

UDK — leftwards in the top line without any indention;

The title (bold, capitalized, in the middle);

Author’s name and surname (italics, in the middle);

Affiliation (Name of Institution) without abbreviation (in the middle);

Blank line

The main text with an indention 9mm;

References at the end of the theses, in the middle, numerated list without any affiliations.


The registration form is available by reference


The papers are to be sent by e-mail to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The letter should contain: SURNAME_Title.docx


Registration Deadline: September, 16, 2019


The Organizing Committee will be grateful to have this letter circulated to those interested